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Marketing is a science

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At Aelux, you could say we’re marketing scientists. That’s because everything we do is based on the strongest possible foundation. Our work is defined by measurable objectives and proven techniques, and our team helps pilot programs that lead to a positive business impact for our clients.

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Aelux Marketing, Satu Mare

Gather data

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First, we go through a diagnostic process to evaluate your current communications and examine ways to ensure that all response drivers are being optimized. We also test everything.

Aelux Marketing, Satu Mare

Data analysis

dig deeper

Then we refine, redefine and test again. That way, you’ll always know precisely what’s working and why. And we use that essential knowledge to maximize the impact and the effectiveness of every phase of your communications.

Aelux Marketing, Satu Mare



Aelux CONSTRUCTIVE MARKETING maximizes multichannel marketing for our clients. We create highly targeted communications that solve our clients’ toughest marketing challenges.

Aelux Marketing, Satu Mare



It is never too soon to start developing your brand and brand strategy. If a company wants to stand out from their competition, their brand strategy is what will do it for them.


We will highlight all the features, advantages and benefits that your customers can enjoy from buying your goods or services. When marketing your product, we think about the key features and benefits your customers want or need, including (but not limited to) styling, quality, repairs, and accessories.

You can use research and development to inform the development of new products in your business.


The pricing strategy for your products and services and how it will affect your customers is at atmost importance.

YWe shall identify how much your customers are prepared to pay, how much mark-up you need to cater for overheads, your profit margins and payment methods, and other costs. To attract customers and retain your competitive advantage, we will consider the possibility of discounts and seasonal pricing.


Promotional activities we use to make your customers aware of your products and services, including advertising, sales tactics, promotions and direct marketing.

The goal of marketing is to stand out and be noticed. Good marketing keeps drawing your customers' attention to your products and services. Your clearly defined, well-packaged, competitively-priced products and services are the foundation of our marketing.


Because of globalisation, getting the products to the customer has never been more important, depending on where a product or service is made, sold or distributed.

We will set you apart from your competition through the design of your retail space and by using effective visual merchandising techniques. If you are not a retail business, place is still an important part of your marketing. Your customers may need a quick delivery turnaround, or want to buy locally manufactured products. If you are starting a new business, finding the right business location will be a key marketing tactic.


The key to succesc is the staff and salespeople who work for your business, including yourself.

When you provide excellent customer service, you create a positive experience for your customers, and in doing so market your brand to them. In turn, existing customers may spread the word about your excellent service and you can win referrals. Give your business a competitive advantage by recruiting the right people, training your staff to develop their skills, and retaining good staff.



Online marketing is often cost-effective and is becoming increasingly important to businesses. Developing a separate online marketing plan to evaluate your options and help implement your strategy is vital in the modern marketplace.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is a form of advertising that specifically targets a person or company to generate new business, raise the profile of an organisation or product, or make a sale.

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Telemarketing involves contacting customers by phone to make product or service offers. A successful telemarketing campaign turns contacts into new customer prospects. Businesses running telemarketing campaigns either use their own sales staff or outsource to a specialist call centre.

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Text (SMS) marketing

Text messaging (also know as short message service or SMS) is a cheap, personal and instant form of communication. It allows businesses to reach individual customers with time-sensitive offers, and send messages to large groups of people at low cost.

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Direct selling

Direct selling is an effective way to build long-lasting customer relationships and grow a flexible, low-cost business. Independent sales people use direct selling to sell their products and services directly to customers in meeting places such as homes, offices and cafes, instead of in retail outlets.

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Direct mail

Direct mail is one of the most common and recognised forms of direct marketing. It is posted mail that advertises your business and its products and services. Direct mail campaigns are generally organised geographically and sent to all postal customers in an area or to all customers on a list.

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Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective and measurable way of reaching your contacts or existing customers. Cheaper than any other direct marketing method, email marketing lets you tailor your messages to different types of customers, build customer relationships and drive direct sales.

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